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The New Arizona Computer Lab of Matrix3000k Enterprises. You can see clustered network machines down the table. Gathering small processing power for a giant filp flop.

From right to left:-

Computers server.matrix3000k.org-- Gateway E series.

CPU: Pentium 4 Hyperthread 2.8GHZ

Operating System: Suse Linux 9.3 Professional

Memory: 1009.82MB

IDE Devies: WDC WDA800JB 80Gig hard drive

Sony DVD-RW DRU-500A


Cypher.matrix3000k.org-- Customer Built

CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2500+

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Memory: 1.00 GB

IDE Devies: Maxtor 120 GB Hard drive

External WDC 120 GB hard drive

WDC 120 GB hard drive

Maxtor 40 GB hard drive

Lite-ON DVD-RW 8x

50x cd-rom drive

Gigabyte Motherboard with SCSI/RAID

Zion.matrix3000k.org Server

CPU: Pentium 3 950Mhz

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprises Server

Memory: 512MB

IDE Devies: WDC 80GB hard drive

Maxtor 40 GB hard drive

50x cd-rom drive

Personal details:

Ethnicity: 100% Lebanese BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hobbies: Computers, DJing, Art, sex, you know the usual stuff typical guys like.....hehehehehehe

Occupation: Network and System Administrator and a student at Devry Universary online

Origin: Tucson, Arizona

Favorite TV Shows: Friends, Martin, Mad TV, Jaime Fox show, WWF Smack Down and Monday Night RAW baby

Preferred Music: Rap, House, Techno, Dance, and lots and lots of club <---- since I am a Professional DJ

- Mario Azar