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* Pentium 4 2.55GHZ with 512 Kb of cache: This is my Main workstation. 512MB of ram 18.2GB 10K Seagate SCSI hard drive - adaptec 29160 controller, Lite-On IDE cd burner. MSI Geforce4 64 MB AGP card, and second head runs on a ATI all in wonder 16MB PCI. This runs OpenBSD. Get the dmesg here.

* Dual Pentium III 1000MHZ: This currently runs WindowsXP and OpenBSD. 512MB of ram, 40GB IDE HDD, Sony DVD player, Elite ATX case, GForce4 T1 4200 128MB of DDR video memory.

* Pentium 333 Celeron: This is my Test Workstation. 256MB of ram, 13 GB IDE HDD.

* SPARC Station 10: 50MHZ hyper SPARC, 32MB of ram, SCSI HDD. This currently runs OpenBSD.

* 266MHZ Pentium II: 128MB of ram. This is currently my kernel hacking machine.

* Sharp UV-30M: 866 Pentium M, 256MB of ram, 30 GB HDD, 802.11b. This currently runs OpenBSD and WindowsXP.

* Dell 2400 server: 866MHZ, 384MB of ram, raid controller with three 18.2GB Hard Drives. This server runs OpenBSD.

* 386 laptop: 2MB of ram, 60 MB HDD, broken power supply. This runs Free Dos.

Other Gear that i own:

* Cisco 2900 switch with 12 100Mbit Full Duplex Ethernet ports.

* 17" NEC LCD monitor

* Nuance speakers connected to a Technics Home Theater System.

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