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Welcome to Hacker Box [http://www.hackerbox.org]
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Short description on launching of hackerbox.org:

As always, I've been fascinated by the geeky content of the net. Always holding a bad hobby of collecting weird tools and geeky computer setup pics; for some time I had a feeling like I'm living more net life than with social friends. Holding a successful site for net crazy one was my ever dream. Now after some days of hosting this site. I feel like hackerbox crew is really into something. Expecting more clicks than expected I feel happy about the contributors and supporters of the site. I hope new one will find this portal intresting as much as I love updating. Do keep up your contribution.[CHECK THE NEWS FOR UPDATES]

Geeky Pics Submission
I've seen many people keep mailing to me on the geeky pics I've submitted on various blogs. So I thought of starting a thread out here too. I feel like many people are intrested on the same and I did had some tough time to get some really cool submission from net.. not too professional and not too lame. It is just a box full of geeky user setup machines or the world they create for their freaky net life! Note that your submission are most welcome. Check the link out and you will find what it is all about!!!
User Submission

Other than Geeky Pics you all are welcome to submit Ebooks/ Tutorials/ Easter eggs or whatever you feel will suit this site. All the files will be reviewed before adding. Contributions should be of your copy right and to be made to:


A word of suggestion at Guestbook will be greatly appreciated.

IPlease note that we hackerbox crew are running this site for computer freaks who spend time on and with geeky gadgets for home network setup. Requests on spying other network, email spying, monitoring chat, hacking into others network, planting spyware, adware are not entertained by us. Please avoid mails requesting the same. -hackerbox.org crew

News on This site
Due to high bandwidth usage we have moved to a dedicated server. Since the launch of computer freaks hackerdom setup pic portal on 12/sept/2005; I am getting decent unique clicks and page views. Thanks to all who keep this page as their Home Site. Since most of the visits are to Geeky Pics [ Hackers home network setup pictures ] we encourage posting of your computer setup images to get listed here. Your suggestions are most welcome!!


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Easter Eggs Launched on 22/Sept/2005 [Link in Misc Section][Post your comment in guest book. More will be added only on request]

Geeky picture submission now updated weekly!!! Check Guestbook for updation details.


Easter Egg Tricks [Updated only on Request]

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